About Me

Silver sweater.cropped

So who is Mellie Miller?

Wife to my one and only for 43 years, with two daughters and five grandsons. We live in the woods in rural Georgia with two huge mutts–Bear and Boris, four cats outside–Fogg, Habibi, Magellan and Pequop– and two cats inside–Miss Kitty and The Monster.

I do a little bit of everything from knitting and crocheting to martial arts and music, being a 2nd degree black belt in the arts and a multi-instrumentalist.

You may also know me from my novels–Fantasy romance, with a twist of magic or the paranormal.

As a breast cancer survivor, I wrote a short book about the experience to help those who may be facing the same diagnosis. What scared me most at the beginning was what I didn’t know about the process and treatment.

With a new diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, I’ve decided to share the experience here in my blog while I write another book about this experience and the lifestyle changes I make to control it. I intend to call the book Vegan Involontaire, since I am currently on a vegan diet to get things back to normal. When the book is available, you’ll find it here first.

If you’re interested in my writing, check out my other blog at https://melliemiller.com.

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