On a Completely Different Note…

Do you love to earn money back on your purchases? I know I do. And between grocery shopping and pet food shopping, plus all the stuff my husband finds at Amazon, I like to save everywhere I can.

Which is why I’m writing to you today!

Our daughter recently introduced me to the Fetch App. And even I can figure it out! Once you install the app, you just use their camera option to snap your receipts, submit them, and earn points towards awards, including gift cards.

If you’d like to give it a try, just go to Fetch and install the app. Then snap your first receipt, using the code T7ATCA. That way they’ll know I invited you.

And start earning some of your money back.

Fetch was also recommended in the latest AARP magazine we get, so I felt it to be a safe thing to try.

So go out and snap those receipts!

And have a wonderful, happy, and safe weekend!

The Answer is Never Simple

As an author, I usually right fiction. Paranormal fantasy romance, to be precise.

But once in a while I feel I need to address issues in the world around me, instead of one I’ve created. And this is one of those times.

Roe vs. Wade.

It was controversial in the ’70’s, and it is no less controversial now. And the answers are never simple. I’ve thought a lot about this, both then and now.

To that end, I decided to write an article on the subject and give my opinions on this matter. Rather than post it here, I chose to go over to VocalMedia.

To read what I have to say, check out my articles, my musings, at VocalMedia. This links straight to the article on Roe vs, Wade.

For other musing of mine, go to my VocalMedia profile page. Some are more serious, some are whimsical, and some are reflective.

Want to check out my fantasy romance?

Go over to melliemiller.com for articles, excerpts, and links!

Have a great July 4th, to all of you in the USA!

A piu tardi,


Life Choices. What is the Answer?

Summer is Here

Memorial Day weekend definitely signals the arrival of summer, whether Mother Nature agrees or not. Of course, our daytime temperatures have been in the 80’s this week, even if the nights have been chilly.

But with the arrival of summer, we’re spending more time outside around the pool, having BBQ’s, walking and hiking. And that means sunburn, unless we take some precautions.

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A friend of mine from high school introduced me to these products several years ago and I fell in love with them. I particularly like the body butter, the rejuvenating foot cream, and the aloe vera gel.

They also have hair care products for you.

Want a new look for summer?

They also have a complete line of makeup on offer!

So go into summer with confidence and pamper your skin.

Check out L’Bri Pure and Natural products today!

On Saying Goodbye

Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

Fogg, one of the kitties we’ve had for twelve years, passed away Sunday night after a brief illness. He seemed fine, then was off his food for a little bit, and then just gave up and crossed over. As hard as it can be, sometimes we have to say goodbye.

But on the same weekend, we had another arrival–a little eight week old puppy who is just starting out. We don’t have a name for him yet, but he is a cute little thing.

And so in the cycle of life, there are beginnings and endings. One life gives way to another and the cycle continues on.

Mr. Fogg, we will miss you so very much. The front porch where you liked to sun in the afternoon seems much emptier without your presence there. And I miss the little chirp of a sound you made when you said hello.

Little pup, whatever your name will be, you liven up the household with your sunny, happy personality.

In the meantime, I will get back to more regular posts, and back into Gregor Thayne. If I turne my back on him and Caela for too long, there is no telling what they’ll get up to.

Wishing you a wonderful week,


I Have a Question

From what I have seen in this world, there are a lot of things we can’t explain. Things which seem to defy logic and science.

Coming from a family which converted to a rather fundamentalist approach to life, our leaders taught that most of those things were evil spirits–demons if you like–trying to pull us away from God. And giving them any thought was only inviting evil into your life.

Now, my family has had what we would call psychics today in several generations. On both sides of the family. Some of them have prophetic dreams. Some see things others don’t. Some can feel energy and use their ability to help heal those around them. Some combine all of the above.

Our church leaders told us these were all evil and from the demons.

They also included anything which might possibly deal with astrology, like my grandfather planting his garden according to the moon. Getting ready to plant the garden this year is what sent me down this path today. My grandfather’s practice of watching the moon to plant was considered heretical by our church.

Since that time, science has discovered that energy can be felt and sent from one person to another, such as energy healers do. I don’t know if that church has accepted it, but I’ve seen it done. And my parents were a bit skeptical of the teaching. My father confided to a friend that the people in his family who claimed to have seen things weren’t lying. They were honest, hardworking, God-fearing people. And if they said they’d seen something, they probably did see it.

Could he explain it?


Could those who witnessed it explain it?


Does this mean it didn’t happen?

Again, no.

In this generation, there are people in the family with similar abilities, and I’ve seen them work to help people. I’ve seen prophetic dreams come true, and because of the warning, a dangerous situation was avoided.

Is it magic?


Or something else entirely?

Much of what we take for granted today would have been considered magic to someone from two or three hundred years ago, let alone in the Middle Ages. We would all have been put to death as witches with our modern conveniences. Imagine showing up in medieval Europe with a mobile phone. Yes, I know you wouldn’t have signal, but I think the stored pictures would be enough.

What is magic except something we witness but can’t explain?

Things paranormal fit into this category. Imagine hearing voices in your front room and finding there is nobody there. Or hearing children whisper in the night, only there are no children in the house. Voices which fade away when you ask them to be quiet so you can sleep.

Or what about the sweet scent of the perfume your favorite aunt wore, the one who’s been dead for forty years? A swirl of scent coming into the room, lingering for a moment, and then gone without a trace?

Magic? Not sure how.

Witchcraft? Only if one is actively embracing the practice.

Or something else entirely? Something we don’t understand, can’t explain, but witness?

I’ll let you decide. But I will not quickly condemn someone as consorting with demons and evil spirits simply because they see, hear, or smell something I can’t sense. And I would hope you do the same.

What is magic?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

And have a wonderful, happy weekend!

It Has Been A While

And it has been quite a time.

Earlier last year, I managed to pull the muscles and tendons in my foot and calf. There went my nice long walks for a while. But with summer coming on, things got busy.

Then came autumn, with multiple weddings and birthdays, along with the bridal showers, and all that goes with a garden wedding.

So, things were healing up nicely until my husband and I went to lunch. As my foot hit something in the parking lot of the restaurant, my still weak right leg couldn’t recovery sufficiently to keep me from falling.

And fracturing my right patella.

Two months later, just before Christmas, my doctor finally decided everything was healed enough to resume normal activities. But in the meantime, sitting for any length of time was painful, walking wasn’t fun, and the stairs were killer.

I’ve also recently had surgery for cataracts, so my time on the computer has been shortened, since it kind of makes my eyes tired.

Turns out all that research on stress helped me out!

I know. I’m a klutz. But funny!

So this has been my world lately. But I’m recovering nicely from all of the above, doing weight training and stretching to get those muscles back in shape. And watching my diet.

I hope to be back on a more regular schedule soon, so stay tuned!

And if you like to read, head over to my author web for news on my books: melliemiller.com

See you soon! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

It’s Father’s Day

Of course, it’s raining here in Georgia, so I think the barbecue is off for the afternoon. But at least my guy made it home for the weekend. We can cook indoors and watch a movie with the cats. They are, of course, pointedly ignoring him for being gone.

What are some of your favorite memories of your father? My dad died over ten years ago at the age of 93. When I was growing up, we lived on a farm in Ohio, so summer was always a busy time. But come winter, times were a little slack, so we went for walks in the woods, cut and split firewood, and he talked about growing up in the early 1900’s on a farm in Tennessee.

Thanksgiving was one of my favorite times. He and I would get up early and go pheasant hunting. The air was crisp and cold, with snow on the ground crunching under our feet. We hardly ever actually shot anything, but we had some good slolid father and daughter time, for about three hours. Coming home to a nice warm fire was always wonderful, thawing out cold fingers and toes and sipping hot coffee laced with something tasty.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Father’s Day. Feel free to share your memories with me. Give that guy a hug while you have him here. You never know when his time on earth will be over.

Looking for something to read later in the week?

Check out one of my series on Amazon!

And as always,

Stay healthy, Stay happy!

How Do You Deal With Stress?

Face it. Modern life is stressful. Everything moves so quickly and with instant communication constantly demanding our attention, it can be difficult to catch a break. If you try to leave your phone behind while you take a walk, or go to the gym, somebody panics because you’re out of touch.

Everywhere you go there is a TV, or music of some sort playing, and announcements at the grocery store, all demanding your attention. After a while, it feels like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders.

Many of us have families at home in the evening, and while it’s nice to have your family around you, it can add to your stress loads after a full day at work. Children need attention, and we understand this. What they can’t yet understand is our need for a few minutes of calm.

So in this day and age, how do you de-stress?

Find a time when it would be best for you to take a little time for yourself. Maybe it’s after work, before you get home to all the stresses there. Or maybe it’s after dinner, when everyone is watching TV or playing games. Whenever it is, let everyone know that this time is private time for you. Your phone will be off, not to worry.

Now, figure out what you’re going to do.

I like to take a walk out in nature, but sometimes that isn’t possible due to the weather. Seriously who wants to go walk in a downpour? And we’ve had quite a bit of that here lately. As an alternative, I might put on some music and just move to the sound.

But there is one thing that helps me find that inner peace we all seek. And I know you’ve heard it before.

Yes, meditation.

You’ll say you don’t have time. You can’t relax long enough. Your mind won’t turn off so you can get there.

As one of my martial arts instructors used to say, you didn’t sign on a black belt your first day in class. Give yourself some time.

Here is one easy way to get started. It is the short meditation we did before every martial arts class to help us shift our minds off of the troubles of the day and focus on class. Our instructor called it the Circle of Life meditation.

Sit comfortably. Anyplace is fine. If you want to sit cross-legged on the floor, do it. If you prefer a nice comfortable chair, have a seat.

Take your thumb and middle finger on each hand and form a circle. Place the backs of your hands on your knees.

Now close your eyes. Picture your thumbs and fingers making a perfect circle.

Breath in through your nose. Imagine the air travelling up over the top of your head, down your spine, and then back up the front of your body and up into your lungs.

Hold that breath for a moment, and then slowly let it out through your mouth.

Now pause and repeat the sequence for a total of three times.

The fourth breath is a cleansing breath. Breathe in deeply and blow the air back out quickly before you begin the sequence again.

Concentrating on your breath, imagining it moving around your body, and holding your fingers in a perfect circle, gives you a focus. Sure you may have random thoughts pop up, but acknowledge them, let them go, and return your concentration to your breathing.

You don’t have to keep to a timetable–thirty minutes or else. But if you have a limited amount of time, set an alarm for however long you want to meditate. Don’t try to start off for with a lengthy period of time. A few minutes to get the feel of it is fine.

Maybe you would prefer a guided meditation, something you can listen to and follow along.

One of my favorites is The Daisy Pond, one of Burt Goldman’s guided meditations. In it, he guides you into a relaxed state, and then takes you on an imaginary trip to the daisy pond.

The Daisy Pond is available for anyone to use on YouTube. You can find several of Mr. Goldman’s meditations there. Just do a search and find one you like.

Make that time for yourself. Teach your family to make quiet time for themselves as well. The world is a stressful place. We all need to learn a healthy, safe way to de-stress at the end of our day. Help them make it a habit which will help them throughout their lives.

Thank you for taking time to join me today.

And as always–

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Ready For Summer?

With the temperatures rising, the rain tapering off, and the garden beginning to bloom, I’d say summer is right around the corner.

Are you ready for summer? Your skin and hair can take a beating out in the heat. And after the cool weather we had late into spring, this sudden heat is a killer here in the Southeast.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that one of my favorite product lins is L’Bri. With safer and more natural offerings, they give me the moisture and protection I need while giving me the more pure and natural ingredients I want.

What are my favorites?

Right at the top of the list would have to be the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly. It is a marvelous moisturizer and is wonderful for sunburn or irritated skin.

And then there is the body butter in a variety of scents, or with no scent at all!

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Like to co-ordinate your skincare? They have body wash in scents to match the body butter and lotion. Wonderful smooth and creamy, it doesn’t dry out your skin as it cleanses.

My favorite scent is the warm and sensuous Mandarin Fig, if I’m going to be home. When I’m going out where there may be people with reactions to scents, I use the fragrance free.

So are you ready for the summer sun? If not, L’Bri has you covered!

Check out their summer sale items. And if you hurry, you may still be in time for the Father’s Day specials!

Yes, L’Bri has a men‘s line of products as well, so you can pamper your guy as much as you pamper yourself.

Check out the L’Bri sales and get ready for summer fun!

L‘Bri Pure and Natural, with products you’ll love.

Stay Safe, Stay healthy!

A Summer Walk

Sometimes we just need a break. Maybe a nice walk to get in touch with the nature. I know you can’t actually slip into my world just now, but…

...come walk with me. A virtual walk if you will.

Out the front door, we close the heavy iron gate behind us. The trees arching over the sidewalk invite us forward as we begin our stroll. Turning toward the little country road, we walk in the shade of the trees, cooling us from summer’s sun.

The scent of the earth after a rain surrounds us, as a cool breeze rustles the leaves. The crunching of our footsteps along the dirt and gravel lane provide a percussive note to the birdsong from the woods alongside.

Though it’s mid-day, the shade from the trees cools us as we walk along. Reaching a branch in the path, we turn downhill toward a little stream. The shade is deeper here, and the breeze coming up off the stream is wonderfully refreshing.

Before long, we hear the splashing of the stream as it tumbles over the rocky ledge. Turning off the path, we go down to the water’s edge, feeling the refreshing mist rising from the stream.

The interplay of light and shadow here under the trees, beside the stream, along with the woodland sounds, is soothing, relaxing. It feels as if all your troubles could float away, like fallen leaves on the water.

Stop for a moment.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply of the woodland scent. The smell of moist earth warmed by the sun, mingling with the wildflowers growing along the stream teases your senses. On the breeze, you catch a hint of newly mown hay from further down the path.

Take another deep breath. Hold it in for a few seconds before you slowly exhale, releasing your cares into the vastness of the universe. Listen as the sounds of nature speak to you soul.

I could spend all afternoon here by the water, but I need to go home. So we turn away from the water, taking a last look at the ferns growing there in the shade, and wishing we had time to climb out and sit on the log bridging the stream.

I fell lighter of spirit, somehow, as if a weight has been lifted. Back up the path to the turn, and then up the road toward the drive, we look out across a meadow filled with tiny yellow flowers.

Back to the sidewalk, we slip under the living arch, stroke the cat who is waiting there for us, and open the heavy gate back into the house.

I feel refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day now. I know, it’s time to say goodbye. But thanks for coming with me. I had a wonderful time.

How about you?