On a Completely Different Note…

Do you love to earn money back on your purchases? I know I do. And between grocery shopping and pet food shopping, plus all the stuff my husband finds at Amazon, I like to save everywhere I can.

Which is why I’m writing to you today!

Our daughter recently introduced me to the Fetch App. And even I can figure it out! Once you install the app, you just use their camera option to snap your receipts, submit them, and earn points towards awards, including gift cards.

If you’d like to give it a try, just go to Fetch and install the app. Then snap your first receipt, using the code T7ATCA. That way they’ll know I invited you.

And start earning some of your money back.

Fetch was also recommended in the latest AARP magazine we get, so I felt it to be a safe thing to try.

So go out and snap those receipts!

And have a wonderful, happy, and safe weekend!

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