A Little About Me

Photo by Dawn ThumbnailI don’t share much about myself sometimes, mainly because I don’t want to seem like I’m hoping for sympathy I suppose. Yes, I’ve been through a few things, but I’ve made it through.

Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. To hurry through the story, I survived chemotherapy and radiation therapy, losing my hair and growing it back again.

Since then, I have recurring symptoms which drive me crazy, but I think they’re a little less now than they had been.

But my scalp has been sensitive to products, which was not helped at all when I began to use a supposedly more natural product that made my hair loss increase drastically after about three months.

Nor was I alone in this. I have a good friend who had the same problem, as did our daughter. Three different people. Three different kinds of hair. Same issue. Unfortunately the company decided it couldn’t be their fault.

But since then, my scalp has been even more sensitive. Everything I tried over the counter either made my scalp break out in huge sores, or it made my hair loss increase. or both!

The salon suggested a product to me, which slowed the hair loss, but unfortunately made my head start breaking out again after a couple weeks. Where do you go from here?

Thankfully our daughter’s hair dresser suggested a product to her, which she loved and then suggested to me. I’ve been using it for nearly eight months now. My hair is filling in, it’s soft and smooth. It’s longer than it has grown in years without split ends.

And no sores on my scalp!

It’s amazing when you find something that works. And not only works, but works well!

Thank you, Tasha and Dawn for introducing me to these products. They’re amazing!

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When Does It Become Human?

Black and white2I can’t believe we are still asking this question. Actually, I can’t believe it was ever asked to begin with. I may not be a genius, but having grown up on a farm, there are a few things that I know for sure.

If you have a bull and a cow, and they mate, the offspring from them will always be a cow.

If you breed a stallion and a mare together, their offspring will be a horse of one denomination or the other.

Same with dogs, cats, goats, sheep. You name it. If you breed two of a kind together, you’ll end up with another one of that kind.

Ask anyone who raises animals for a living and they’ll tell you the same thing. You start with pedigreed cattle, you’re gonna have more pedigreed cattle. Non-pedigreed, they’re still going to be cattle, but there are more variables as to size, color, etc., which is why pedigreed animals are so expensive.

You’ve heard people ask a pregnant woman, “Do you know what it is yet?”

The answer to this question is either girl, boy, or twins. You never hear, “Well, last time we had the cutest little chimp. This time we’re hoping for a pony.”

Never. Hear. That.

If you have a male human being and a female human being and the two of them get together, there is no chance that their offspring will be anything but human. Can’t happen. Now there may be a wide variety of factors as to hair color, eye color, height, weight, and all those happy things that will come out of the genetic woodwork and surprise us, but it will be human.

It has no choice. 

There is no possibility, that once conceived, the offspring from two human beings, two homo sapiens, will be any more or less than human. There are no alternatives. Once conceived, this little being will become a human being. It will share the genes from its parents to become a unique individual.

But it will be human.

Just like the thoroughbred mare, when bred to a thoroughbred stallion will have a thoroughbred foal, two human beings together will produce a human baby. It could be the next Einstein, or it could be mentally or developmentally challenged. It will still be human.

You cannot make it anything else, no matter how you try. This little clump of cells, which is rapidly growing and changing, will eventually be born as a beautiful little boy or girl. A human boy or girl.

So let’s stop this whole “it isn’t human until so many weeks.” You cannot use this to justify the taking of life. It will always be human, no matter the stage of pregnancy.

I’m not here to tell you whether abortion is right or wrong. That’s above my pay grade. You can take that up with someone else.

What I’m saying is that from conception to birth, there is going to be only one outcome. Don’t try to to make abortion sound better by claiming the fetus isn’t human until it has reached a certain stage of development. If you feel the need to justify the act or make yourself feel better about it, find another way to do it.

Whether it is technically human at a particular point or not, the only potential it has, if it reaches term, is to be human.

Not a monkey.

Not a chimpanzee.

Not an orangutan.

Not a gorilla.

Not anything else but human.

Like I said before, I’m no genius. I’m not a geneticist, or biologist, or any kind of scientist. I’m a farm girl, a mother, and a grandmother. From the time I was able to walk to the barn to watch the miracle of birth, there are a few things which have remained constant.

Horses yield horses. Cows yield cows. Goats yield goats. Eggs from chickens hatch into chickens and goose eggs into geese.

There are no surprises as to species.

Human beings yield humans. End of story.

But if someone out there gives birth to a unicorn, I’d be happy to adopt it.

Emotional Abuse

Black and white2Emotional abuse is a growing concern in our world, and since it is nearly invisible, the perpetrators go away Scot free.  It often stems from the need to be in control. We all know what physical abuse is, and while the victims oftentimes try to hide it, the symptoms are fairly obvious.

But what is emotional abuse? 

According to the Counseling Center, abuse is any behavior which tries to control or subjugate another person by fear, humiliation, verbal or physical assaults. Emotional abuse can include verbal abuse, constant criticism, intimidation, manipulation and refusal to ever be pleased.

Emotional abuse takes away its victim’s sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and their trust in their perceptions. The communication between partners develops into more of a parent/child pattern than one between adults.

Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship?

What are the symptoms of emotional abuse?

  • Feelings of isolation from family and friends.
  • Excessive dependence on him or her
  • You feel like you can’t plan ahead because of your spouse’s response to anything you plan.
  • You feel depressed or anxious most of the time.
  • You doubt your ability to speak your mind, and express your opinions
  • You feel like you can never do enough.

These are a few signs to watch for, but the list isn’t all-inclusive.

What can you do?

Sometimes, once a person realizes they are in an abusive situation, refusing to be a willing party is enough to start the changes in the relationship. Other times, marriage counseling can help.

And of course, last of all, when there is no hope of change, it becomes necessary to leave the relationship.

Don’t continue to consent to emotional abuse. Though the scars are invisible, they can be even more devastating than those people can see.

Take action today.