I Have a Question

From what I have seen in this world, there are a lot of things we can’t explain. Things which seem to defy logic and science.

Coming from a family which converted to a rather fundamentalist approach to life, our leaders taught that most of those things were evil spirits–demons if you like–trying to pull us away from God. And giving them any thought was only inviting evil into your life.

Now, my family has had what we would call psychics today in several generations. On both sides of the family. Some of them have prophetic dreams. Some see things others don’t. Some can feel energy and use their ability to help heal those around them. Some combine all of the above.

Our church leaders told us these were all evil and from the demons.

They also included anything which might possibly deal with astrology, like my grandfather planting his garden according to the moon. Getting ready to plant the garden this year is what sent me down this path today. My grandfather’s practice of watching the moon to plant was considered heretical by our church.

Since that time, science has discovered that energy can be felt and sent from one person to another, such as energy healers do. I don’t know if that church has accepted it, but I’ve seen it done. And my parents were a bit skeptical of the teaching. My father confided to a friend that the people in his family who claimed to have seen things weren’t lying. They were honest, hardworking, God-fearing people. And if they said they’d seen something, they probably did see it.

Could he explain it?


Could those who witnessed it explain it?


Does this mean it didn’t happen?

Again, no.

In this generation, there are people in the family with similar abilities, and I’ve seen them work to help people. I’ve seen prophetic dreams come true, and because of the warning, a dangerous situation was avoided.

Is it magic?


Or something else entirely?

Much of what we take for granted today would have been considered magic to someone from two or three hundred years ago, let alone in the Middle Ages. We would all have been put to death as witches with our modern conveniences. Imagine showing up in medieval Europe with a mobile phone. Yes, I know you wouldn’t have signal, but I think the stored pictures would be enough.

What is magic except something we witness but can’t explain?

Things paranormal fit into this category. Imagine hearing voices in your front room and finding there is nobody there. Or hearing children whisper in the night, only there are no children in the house. Voices which fade away when you ask them to be quiet so you can sleep.

Or what about the sweet scent of the perfume your favorite aunt wore, the one who’s been dead for forty years? A swirl of scent coming into the room, lingering for a moment, and then gone without a trace?

Magic? Not sure how.

Witchcraft? Only if one is actively embracing the practice.

Or something else entirely? Something we don’t understand, can’t explain, but witness?

I’ll let you decide. But I will not quickly condemn someone as consorting with demons and evil spirits simply because they see, hear, or smell something I can’t sense. And I would hope you do the same.

What is magic?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

And have a wonderful, happy weekend!