It’s Father’s Day

Of course, it’s raining here in Georgia, so I think the barbecue is off for the afternoon. But at least my guy made it home for the weekend. We can cook indoors and watch a movie with the cats. They are, of course, pointedly ignoring him for being gone.

What are some of your favorite memories of your father? My dad died over ten years ago at the age of 93. When I was growing up, we lived on a farm in Ohio, so summer was always a busy time. But come winter, times were a little slack, so we went for walks in the woods, cut and split firewood, and he talked about growing up in the early 1900’s on a farm in Tennessee.

Thanksgiving was one of my favorite times. He and I would get up early and go pheasant hunting. The air was crisp and cold, with snow on the ground crunching under our feet. We hardly ever actually shot anything, but we had some good slolid father and daughter time, for about three hours. Coming home to a nice warm fire was always wonderful, thawing out cold fingers and toes and sipping hot coffee laced with something tasty.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Father’s Day. Feel free to share your memories with me. Give that guy a hug while you have him here. You never know when his time on earth will be over.

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