We’re Melting!

Black and white2Our snow is beginning to melt once again, leaving our driveway and the road we live on a muddy, rutted mess. But since both are gravel, it’s to be expected.

OK, for those of you who live up north, a few inches of snow is not a problem. And I don’t understand why it was such a problem here. Granted, we don’t get a lot of snow here, but it isn’t unusual to have some snow during January and February.

We had plenty of warning that the storm was headed our way. The state and local governments have equipment which could have been deployed before it reached us, or at the very least, in the earlier stages of it.

Today I went into Gainesville, GA with our daughter. She’s a home health nurse and needed to see a patient who’d been postponed until today due to the weather.  Our little back roads, of course, were untouched. But we had expected the interstate to be plowed.

No. It didn’t look like anything had been done. Though it was beginning to melt, it was treacherous. There was no evidence of a plow having been down the road. Big patches of ice and slush remained on the highway. We were afraid of what we would find once we exited the interstate.

I have to say that Hall County Georgia did a good job on their roads. All the roads we had to travel to reach the patient had been plowed and sanded. No big chunks of ice or snow in the middle of the roads. The parking lot at the hospital needed some work, but that isn’t the county’s responsibility.

Thank you Hall County. And for those responsible for I-85 between South Carolina and Gainesville, GA, take a lesson from these folks. They’ve got it going.

Stay safe everyone.

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