What Are You Reading?

Black and white2I was talking with Katandra Shanel Jackson today. She is the CEO of the publishing company here in Georgia called FreedomInk365. We were discussing how many people just don’t read anymore.

When was the last time you sat down with a good book and got lost in a fantastic tale? Fiction or non-fiction, there are books about anything you might like.

I talk to so many people who when asked, say they just don’t read. They’d rather watch a movie or the TV.

In this electronics age, I fear we are stealing imagination away from our children and grandchildren. When we were kids, we played  “pretend” everything. We had sticks and branches as swords, braided dandelions for crowns. And yes, my friend and I once caught a bunch of grasshoppers and tied them up with string so we could put our horses in a corral.

Boy was my mom mad. Untying them was quite a feat, too.

But without imagination,  whence come dreams? And without dreams what can we hope to accomplish? And without that hope, where will we go, what things will we create for our future?

When everything is done for you, on TV, in the movies, or on your tablet, there is nothing left for you to create in your mind. Ho imagination required. Just fetch the popcorn.

A good book, on the other hand, provides you the opportunity to create the scenes in it, to picture the countryside of renaissance England, or the quaint little street in the French Quarter of New Orleans the suspect just turned onto.

What about that wedding dress the sweetheart of our hero is wearing? Can you picture the lace with the pearl buttons? And our swashbuckling hero. How does he cope with a tuxedo and dress shoes?

So, what have you been reading? And if you’ve not been reading, it’s time to give it a try. It doesn’t matter what it is. What are your hobbies, your fantasies, your dreams?

There’s a book about that, I guarantee it.

Go on. What are you waiting for!

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