Black and white2What is faith? We’ve all heard about faith, but to many it is much the same as making a wish. And if it is nor more than wishing, why bother?

According to the bible, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb. 11:1)

But how do we put this to work in our daily lives? How can something we hope for have substance?

A wise man I once knew put it sort of like this. When you ask for something in faith, ask and then go out as if your request has already been answered. So if you’ve asked for a new job to come your way, go out knowing that something will come to you and then do what you need to do to find it. Read the want ads, post your resume online, ask your friends.

The person with faith will go out the door looking for the opportunity waiting for him. He’ll be excited, because he knows something will show up–either a new job, a raise, a promotion. Something positive will happen for him.

Chances are, it won’t just fall out of the sky, but you are looking for that job, knowing it will be there. And because you’re looking, you’ll see it when it shows up.

Don’t ask for a new job and then say, “Well, I’ll probably have to make do with what I have. For some reason, God has decided that I can never really get ahead, I guess to keep me humble. Besides, no one in this family has ever done anything. Why should I be the first?”

Do you see the difference? One person is asking for something without limiting God or the universe, willing to accept the new job which will come his way. It may not occur in a way he is expecting, but he’ll be ready for it.

The second person, by his attitude, is placing limits around what can happen. He is asking for something, but accepting, as fact, that it isn’t going to happen. And if he doesn’t expect it to happen, there is no faith involved, and chances are, when the opportunity is presented, he won’t be there to receive it. He’ll be looking back at his past and wishing it was different.

So how do we show faith? By asking and expecting to receive what we need. If you need a new job, and you ask for one, expect to find it. If you need a better car, ask, and then look for what you need, knowing God wants you to prosper.



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