On Saying Goodbye

Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

Fogg, one of the kitties we’ve had for twelve years, passed away Sunday night after a brief illness. He seemed fine, then was off his food for a little bit, and then just gave up and crossed over. As hard as it can be, sometimes we have to say goodbye.

But on the same weekend, we had another arrival–a little eight week old puppy who is just starting out. We don’t have a name for him yet, but he is a cute little thing.

And so in the cycle of life, there are beginnings and endings. One life gives way to another and the cycle continues on.

Mr. Fogg, we will miss you so very much. The front porch where you liked to sun in the afternoon seems much emptier without your presence there. And I miss the little chirp of a sound you made when you said hello.

Little pup, whatever your name will be, you liven up the household with your sunny, happy personality.

In the meantime, I will get back to more regular posts, and back into Gregor Thayne. If I turne my back on him and Caela for too long, there is no telling what they’ll get up to.

Wishing you a wonderful week,


Remembering Jester…

Me and Jester2Another old friend has passed over today–our 9 year old shepherd mix dog, Jester. It was kind of a shock. He hadn’t been ill, played with his friend, Mari just a day or two ago, and was cheerful and happy yesterday.

But this morning when I went out to feed him, I found him stretched out under his favorite tree, looking so much like he was asleep. It was hard to believe that he was gone.

Run free, big guy. Have fun wherever you are. We miss you already.